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FAQ : IDEAL Remote

Быстрое и безопасное удаленное управление для Windows, Mac OS X и Linux


Do you have a remote control software or a remote desktop software in your tool range?

I am looking for a software to remote control the computers from and outside my network environment, do you have this kind of tool?

IDEAL Remote lets you take control remotely of your Windows (from Windows NT to Windows 2012 Server), Mac OS X and Linux systems. IDEAL Remote is a powerful remote control software that manages remote desktops in your Windows environments or by Internet.

But is not only a remote control tool, in addition to taking control remotely, you have access and manage remote computers, registry, events, printers, processes, sessions, open files, WMI properties and, finally, to the information systems.

You can download the free 30-day version from our web site at

Last modification: 30/03/2017


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