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Network errors usually encountered in our software

Why no client information are displayed on the right view?

We're using your software (IDEAL Administration) for a long time and normaly some additional data are displayed on the right view, like "Status", "NetBios comment", "CPU", "User", etc.

Since I have migrated my admin computer to Windows 10, these information are no longer displayed.

Do you know the reason?

This problem occurs when our tool cannot retrieve automatically a default server name for your Active Directory domain. If this case, follow the instructions below to configure it manually.

First, use the right click (left view) to verify your configuration on 'Windows Microsoft Network \ YourDomainName \ Select a domain controller.

What is your configuration?

1. You are configured as "Automatic" and no server and client computer are listed under the domain name. In this case, configure it to "Configure a Domain Controller" and indicate your master domain controller (for example: myserverdc1.pointdev.local). Restart IDEAL Administration.

2. You are configured as "Configure a Domain Controller", in this case, select "Automatic" and Restart IDEAL Administration. If, after restarting, you still have no server and station listed uner your domain name, please, try the step (1) behond.

After all these controls done and if you still have no computer properties displayed, verify your AD configuration from the general menu: "Tools", "Options," "Authentication", "Active Directory". You must enter a valid server name, and a valid domain admin user account information for your active directory domain (for example: serverdc1.pointdev.local for your server name, and "POINTDEV\myadminaccount" / "Myadminaccountpassword" for the domain admin acccount.

Note that these changing need to restart IDEAL Administration (or IDEAL Remote) to be taken into account.

If the problem is still here, please contact our technical support  at https://www.pointdev.com/en/support/index.php

Also concerns the following software: IDEAL Administration
Last modification: 11/03/2020


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