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 Название и содержание

What are the errors generally encountered by our software?

How to correct the data source selection request (ODBC) when launching the software?

I tried to install the 64 bits version of your IDEAL Administration software (or IDEAL Remote) and when launching the software I get a dialog box asking me to select the ODBC data source.

How to correct this problem?

We have observed in several of our customers that this problem could be linked to the presence of a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office on the administration workstation executing our software.

Indeed, the 64-bit (x64) versions of our applications require the use of a 64-bit version of Microsoft Access drivers.

To check if the problem is at this level, manually run the installation of the 64-bit Microsoft Access drivers that you will find at the following location:

- C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration\AccessDatabaseEngine_X64_xx.exe (for IDEAL Administration)


- C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Remote\AccessDatabaseEngine_X64_xx.exe (for IDEAL Remote)

If you have an error indicating that a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office is installed and it is impossible to continue the installation, look no further, you must install the 32-bit version of our software (IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote) which you will find on the download page.

If the installation of the package is done normally, without error, in this case delete the following files:

- C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration\Config\confbddx64.ini
- C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration\Databases\IAx64.mdb


- C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Remote\Config\confbddx64.ini
- C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Remote\Databases\IRx64.mdb

Relaunch our software

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