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How to set a distribution on computers in a remote area?

Can we use IDEAL Dispatch on computers from a remote area?

Can you give us some advices for applying a distribution to computers in remote area?

IDEAL Dispatch works identically from a local or remote area.
Its functioning principally depends on your network configuration and on the startup account for the distribution server and distribution agents.

The remote computers needs to be reached via NetBIOS from the distribution server. To check, open a command prompt on the server and enter:

Net View \ \ Remote-PC (press Enter)

Of course, "Remote PC" should be replaced by the NetBIOS name of your remote computers.

It also requires that the account used for the IDispatchAgent service is administrator on the remote computers.

In the case of a Workgroup, the user account for the distribution must be entered like ".\ Administrator" (without the quotes) and the "Administrator" account must have THE SAME PASSWORD on the computers.

To avoid problems related to NetBIOS resolution, you can use an IP address as the name of the distribution server when adding a new distribution server. Thus, the target computers use an IP address to contact the distribution server when sending execution reports.
When creating a distributon, you also have the ability to define, in the advanced installation options, an IP address that will be used by agents to contact the distribution server. All IP addresses are listed. In the case of the application of a distribution having a selection of computers in a remote area, you must use the IP address for the remote connection to this area so that remote computers can join the distribution server when getting back execution reports.

In order to know the IP address to use based on the connection tunnel, run the ipconfig / all command from the distribution server.

To apply a distribution to a remote area, you can also use as distribution server one of the computers in this field. In this case, there will be no problem when returning execution reports to the distribution server. The only disadvantage of this method is the longer period when viewing in the console, distributions and execution reports on the remote distribution server.

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