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Information on the distribution server

What is a distribution server?

What is a distribution server?

The distribution server is represented by an IDispatchSrv Windows service that manages the installation of distribution agents on remote servers and workstations and generates reports for each target computer during deployment.

It can be installed on any Windows NT workstation, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003, Windows VISTA, Windows 2008 or SEVEN in professional or Server version but it is highly recommended to install your distribution servers on computers running 24/7.

In addition, it is only possible to install a single distribution server by computer but you can add a distribution server on different computers, for example belonging to different domains.

All configuration files, executables, distribution files, installation and performance reports processed by a distribution server are stored in the directory: \\Name_of_computer_acting_as_distribution_server\Admin$\IDispatchSrv.

Thus, adding a distribution server on a computer involves only the creation of the IDispatchSrv Windows service and the folder in the Windows directory on this computer.

Last modification: 05/06/2013


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