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Is it possible to schedule a distribution on computers that are not yet started?

Is it possible to start a distribution while some computers are not yet started?

The distribution does apply well after they restart?

The application of a distribution to an entire selection of computers, including those who have not yet been started, is provided by:

- Date and time of deployment:

You can set a date and time of deployment to ensure that a maximum number of computer are started.

- Test installation delay:

The duration of test setup determines the maximum period during which IDEAL Dispatch Server attempts to install the Distribution Agent on a workstation. This time is in minutes and can be set from 10 to 9999. IDEAL Dispatch Server uses this option to try a new installation of the distribution agent in case of failure and to manage not started, being restarted or not connected to the network (mobile or other) computers. By default, this time is 120 minutes.

After this time, the distributions are placed in the folder distributions on stand-by.

- The wake up of computers by Wake on LAN:

Runs Wake on LAN command if the target computer is not detected and if the necessary informations to Wake on LAN are indicated.


  • The queuing system

    When a distribution is programmed and the installation phase has failed for connection reasons on the target computer, distribution is put on stand-by.
    When you start the computer in question, and if the IDispatchAgent service is present, a dialogue between the distribution server and the agent established to determine whether a distribution is pending. If this is the case, the distribution server re-program the distribution.
    If IDispatchAgent service is not present, the distribution will wait until a new release is planned.
    Pending distributions can be deleted but in no way can be modified or reprogrammed.


You also have the ability to simply reprogram the distribution on all failed computers during the installation phase. In this case, remember to remove the distribution on stand-by for these computers.

Last modification: 05/15/2013


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