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How to erase all traces generated by the use of IDEAL Dispatch?

How to erase all traces (services, directories, reports) generated by the use of IDEAL Dispatch?

How to erase all traces of running agents on target computers?

IDEAL Dispatch is composed of three parts:

  • Remove the console

To uninstall the IDEAL Dispatch console, you just have to remove the program from the add or delete programs wizard available through the Control Panel

Directories created during the IDEAL Dispatch installation:

- Software installation default directory:

C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Dispatch

- Configuration directory related to IDEAL Dispatch user:

C:\Documents and Settings\Your-current-user-account\Application Data\Pointdev\IDEAL Dispatch


  • Delete a distribution server

You can delete a distribution server managed by IDEAL Dispatch Console using the Server menu, Delete or by clicking the delete icon in the toolbar menu. In this case, IDEAL Dispatch Console removes all files and directories needed to run the distribution server.

All distributions created on the server will be deleted and can not be recovered. However, if you want to keep all files and distributions, for example to transfer them to another distribution server, do a backup / copy of the directory ADMIN$\IDispatchSrv before.

Directories and services created after adding a distribution server:

- Directory containing all executables, distribution files and reports:


- Created service :



  • Removing distribution agents

During your deployments, you can also configure the removal of Windows services IDispatchAgent and IDispatchAgentInt  from the target computer, as well as the IDispatchAgent directory by checking the Remove all traces of the distribution on the target computer after running agents. By default, this box is checked.

The removal of services allows to leave no trace on the target computer, but prevents the treatment of pending distributions.

If during your previous deployments, you did not check the box Remove all traces, IDispatchAgent and IDispatchAgentInt agents, as well as the IDispatchAgent directory may still be present on computerts that have been targets of a distribution. To remove them, one solution is to deploy some random action (eg cancel a stop) on a wide range of target computers making sure to check the box to remove traces.

Directories and services created after deployment:

- Directory containing the necessary files to perform the actions:


- Created services :



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