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IDEAL Administration 15.6 (and higher) and IDEAL Remote 11.0 (and higher) support now Internet remote control for Windows stations and servers that are outside the corporate network.

How to configure Internet Remote Control?

  1. Configure your router (just once) by adding a rule to accept connections on your management station (more details here).
  2. Configure IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote by adding a new tab Remote Control Over the Internet to identify your contact information on our web server.
  3. Install our Pointdev Remote Control agent on Windows computers that are outside of your corporate network.
  4. Client stations executing Pointdev Remote Control are automatically added in Remote Control Over the Internet tab to allow you a fast and secure remote control.

Pointdev Remote Control agent can be used in user mode for a one-time use or in service mode for regular use.

This new major feature is not be subject to price increase. So you can use it if your software maintenance is up to date.

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