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FAQ : IDEAL Remote

Быстрое и безопасное удаленное управление для Windows, Mac OS X и Linux

Software License Information

How many licenses do I need?

We have two administrators managing a Windows 2016 domain, with five servers and roughly 250 workstations.

Most of them are running Windows 2012 servers, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How many licenses do we need to buy ?

The product license system is based on the number of administration stations where our software is installed and registered with a valid product key.

You have 2 (two) administrators, so the number of licenses you require is 2 (two).

This gives you the right to install our IDEAL software on 2 (two) machines (workstations or servers - as you like) from which you can manage your 5 servers and 250 workstations.

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IDEAL Administration | IDEAL Dispatch | IDEAL Alerter | IDEAL Secure
Last modification: 12/09/2019


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