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 Название и содержание

Installing and upgrading our software

How to configure your administration tool for optimal use?

I would like to know the different parameters to check on my Active Directory network as well as in your administration tool in order to be able to use it in an optimal way.

Can you tell me more ?

  1. You must have administration rights on the administration workstations that you wish to administer remotely.
    To check if you have administration rights, you must browse the \\REMOTECOMPUTER\Admin$ directory from your administration computer with the user account used by our software. You can know the user account used by our software by consulting the Title bar of IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote.

    If you open your session in your Active Directory domain as a simple domain user, you have the option of running our software under another user with administrative rights. To do this, use the function SHIFT-CTRL+Right click on the icon of our software then Run as different user.

  2. Configure the user account to use for access to your Active Directory domain: menu Tools \ Options \ Authentication
    All access to your Active Directory domain will be done using the specified administrator account. This will greatly speed up the loading of the characteristics of computers in the domain.
    For more information :

  3. Check the Filter configured for your domain: menu Filter \ Configure

    Check that the options Apply a filter and List computers by Active Directory Domain are checked.
    In this way, the software will be based on all the computer accounts present on the domain.
    If you only administer an OU (Organizational Unit), you have the possibility to select it using the option List computers by computer type, organizational unit or name.

  4. Configure reporting to remote computers.
    Our tools use registry and WMI access to remotely retrieve computer characteristics. No agent is installed on client workstations. You must check that the Windows service "Remote Registry" (RemoteRegistry) is started and configured for Automatic startup. If this service is stopped or disabled, this will be indicated in our software by this message  (My Domain tab).

    Also check that the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) service is authorized remotelyWMI is used to trace information such as Physical Memory, Serial Number. We also use WMI for remote control. If WMI is not configured correctly for a workstation, you will get an error message in the "Physical Memory" column (My Domain tab).

    The ideal is to create GPOs for this in order to automatically configure your client workstations.
    For more information: 

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