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 Название и содержание

How to remotely manage your Windows Vista client workstations?

How to administrate a Windows Vista station remotely?

What are the prerequisites for administering a Windows Vista computer?

I have to administer a Windows Vista station and when I try to display the computer properties, I obtain a "Connection error" message. What can I do to correct this problem?

Try IDEAL Administration during 30 days on your network for free!

Manage your Windows Network Remotely with IDEAL Administration

Here're some general tips to verify for Windows Vista computers:

  • Administrative rights

You must have administrative rights/privileges over your domains, workstations and servers of your network.

Read more: How to get administrative rights?

  • Remote Registry service

The "RemoteRegistry" service must be up and running on the remote computer.

  • Network discovery :

Network discovery need to be activated. When Network Discovery is on, the Windows Vista computer can see other network computers / devices and become also visible to other network computers and to our software.

This is in  Control Panel, Network and Sharing center

  • File and Printer sharing :

File and printer sharing need to be activated on the Windows Vista computer.

This is in  Control Panel, Network and Sharing center

  • UAC :

Before administrate a Windows Vista station, we strongly recommend you first to DEACTIVATE "User Access Control" aka UAC.

This is in "Control Panel" ,"User Accounts" , "Turn User Accounts Control on off".

  • Windows Firewall :

To take the remote control of Windows Vista computers with "TightVNC", you'll have to add an exception on the remote computer, into the Windows Firewall for the communication port used by the program (5900 by default) and/or for the program "\Windows\Pointdev\VNC\WinVNC.exe" (VNC Server service) if you use version 1.X of the remote control tool, or for the program "\Windows\Pointdev\VNC\tvnserver.exe" (tvncserver_Pointdev service) if you use version 2.X.

  • NetBIOS :

Last, check in the Network Settings if NetBIOS layer is enabled.

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