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FAQ : IDEAL Dispatch

Удаленное развертывание программ и выполнение сценариев

Some information about distributions

How to schedule a deployment automatically and regularly?

How to schedule a deployment automatically and regularly?

You can schedule  a saved, installed/run or archived distribution by usin the Distribution menu, then Schedule, or by clicking the right mouse button or by using the icon on the toolbar.

In the case of a planifiaction, the Windows task scheduler box of the distribution server will open and will be able to enter your settings. Planning a distribution has the effect of sending the distribution on programming each time the scheduled task runs.

You must specify a valid name.

You can then set your scheduled task according to your needs

When a scheduled task is created you can subsequently modify, rename, delete, run, or view the properties of the distribution it plans, with a simple right click of the mouse button.

Last modification: 13/05/2013


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