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Email Action - How to generate reports on each computer and send them by email?

How to generate reports on each computer and send them by email?

How does the email action work?


This example describes the procedure to generate reports from the IPCONFIG command on each target computer and send them by E-mail.
The distribution is composed of three actions:


  • Generation of a report from the IPCONFIG command on each target computer

You must set the following arguments:

  • Select the action: Command.
  • Enther the command: IPConfig
  • Check the box Arguments and enter: /all> \\Odev-01\C$\IpConfig_%computername%.txt

  • Send the report by email from each computer

You can set the following options: (in bold the required informations)

  • SMTP Server address.
  • SMTP Server port number.
  • Define if the SMTP server requires an authentication (a user account / password will be required).
  • Sender e-mail address.
  • Recipient e-mail address.
  • Any recipients addresses to copy.
  • Enter the name of the file to attach to the e-mail: %SystemDrive%\IpConfig_%computername%.txt
  • L'objet de l'e-mail.
  • Le corps du message à envoyer.


  • Remove the generated report on each computer
  • Select the action: File.
  • Enter the command: Delete
  • Enter the file: %SystemDrive%\IpConfig_%computername%.txt


Last modification: 24/05/2013


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