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What are the different possible actions during deployments?

How to deploy sending an e-mail?

How to deploy sending an e-mail?

This action allows to send an e-mail from a target computer.
You can set the following options: (in bold the required informations)

  • The SMTP address of the server.
  • The port number of the SMTP server.
  • Define if the SMTP server requires an authentication (a user account/password will be needed).
  • The sender e-mail address.
  • The recipient e-mail address.
  • Any addresses of recipients to copy.
  • A possible list of files to be attached to the e-mail.
  • The subject of the e-mail.
  • The body of the message to send.

Many files can be easily attached to the e-mail, only if they are available and accessible during the execution of the sending e-mail action..

N.B :
At this time, e-mails cannot be send by SSL.
It means for example, that you cannot use the GMail SMTP server "smtp.gmail.com" on the 465 port.

Example :

Generating reports on each target computer and sending them by e-mail


Last modification: 05/27/2013


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