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Strumento di controllo remoto semplice, rapido e sicuro per Windows, macOS e Linux

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General Information

IDEAL Remote and network security

I would like to know how your software manages the various accesses to our Active Directory domain and to the client workstations in my network. Can you give me more information?

Our IDEAL Remote software is designed to manage the various accesses to your Active Directory domain, depending on the rights of the user using it. If this user has sufficient administration rights for the servers and client workstations in your network, he will have access to all of the software's features. On the other hand, if the user is only a simple domain user, he will not be able to perform administrative tasks.

You can easily know the user account used, because it is displayed by default in the title bar of our software. All access to client workstations and network servers will be through this user account. It is possible for you to indicate a user account different from that of the session opening, by using the Windows function "Run as another user".

It is important to note that our software does not require the installation of an agent on the servers and client workstations of your network, with the exception of remote control, unlike many Active administration software Directory. All the information reported and functions executed by our software are obtained by using the functions offered by Microsoft development APIs or by remote registry databases.

With regard to remote control, a Windows service is automatically installed on the remote workstation, but only if the user running IDEAL Remote has administration rights. After the takeover is complete, this Windows service is automatically stopped (by default). This feature makes it possible not to overload the remote station unnecessarily, but also to secure the entire system by avoiding unwanted takeovers. Indeed, administrative rights are required to start a service remotely.

The configuration files of our software are saved under the user's profile and if security requires it, strong encryption is used on them.

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