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How to configure Remote Control Software over the Internet (Pointdev Remote Control)?

Is it possible to remote control a computer over the Internet?

I want to take remote control of a computer that is not located in my local network but on a remote site.

Is it possible to remote control over the Internet?

If so, how and what are the prerequisites?

Although it is possible to establish a VPN between your admin computer and the remote machine to control then use the  remote control tool (TightVNC), this solution is tedious to implement.

The best solution consists in using our tool "Pointdev Remote Control" to make the connection between the two computers. This program allows you to take remote control of a computer on a network other than your own, through the Internet. It still uses the TightVNC core.

Its implementation is fairly simple and allows you, through the creation of a "Pointdev Remote Control" account, to securely and automatically link one or more remote computers (which may themselves be physically located on one or more remote sites) . You also have the possibility to share this "Pointdev Remote Control" account with your co-workers to access the same list of remote computers.

To do this, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Configuring the router (on your administration site).
  2. Configuring the "Pointdev Remote Control" client part (on your administration computer).
  3. Installing and configuring the "Pointdev Remote Control" server part (on the remote computer to control).

Steps 1 and 2 may be performed only once. Step 3 has to be repeated on each remote computer that you want to control.

Once these steps are completed, the remote computer will automatically appear in the software in your computer list. The remote control can then be launched by right clicking it then "Taking remote control".

Note : establishing the connection between the two computers can take several seconds to complete, depending on the configuration of the Pointdev Remote Control tool on the remote computer (polling interval, authorization request when receiving an incoming connection .. .). You are asked to wait while it connects ... closing down the connection window leading to the cancellation of the remote control.

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