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Herramienta de migración de Windows Active Directory para la migración de dominios Windows

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How to migrate a Windows Domain (NT or Active Directory) to a new one by using IDEAL Migration?

How do I migrate printers?

I have to transfer 15 print queues from one server on domain A to another server on domain B.

What needs checking before I begin?

Migration of printer drivers or printers requires prior checking of the following points:

  • Printing monitors must first be installed on the destination machine (LPR, HP JetDirect, etc. ports)
  • Software must be run from a workstation on which all the printer drivers are known. Tip: by default, the print server to be migrated
  • Driver migration:
    • The source and destination computers must have IDENTICAL operating systems (NT -> NT, 2K -> 2K, 2003 -> 2003). If this is not the case, you will have to install the printer drivers manually.
    • All of the DLLs and files contained in the source computer's %systemroot%\System32\Spool\Drivers directory must be copied to the same directory on the destination machine, either manually or using Migrating file and directory security settings.

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