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FAQ : IDEAL Dispatch

Implementación y desinstalación de software de forma remota para Windows

Some examples of deployments by using IDEAL Dispatch

Uninstall Action: How to uninstall Windows Live Messenger in silent mode?

Example n°15: Uninstalling the Windows Live Messenger application

Create a new distribution by setting up the start-up account for the agent, the computers involved in the distribution and finally add a new action.

In the Add an action dialog box, choose the Uninstall action and then click on the magnifying glass button to select the software (cf. Software to uninstall).

Select the software to be uninstalled. To do this, give the name of a computer in the Search in field and then click on Generate button to obtain the list of software installed on it.

Select the software to be uninstalled from the list offered (cf. Selecting a software to uninstall):

  • The Uninstall command field contains the command line used to uninstall the Windows Live Messenger software. This command requires human intervention.
  • The Uninstall in silent mode command field allows you to uninstall automatically, without human intervention. If this field is empty, the application can only be uninstalled in the classical way; that is, using a dialog box.

Finally, click on Apply to confirm your choice.


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