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Implementación y desinstalación de software de forma remota para Windows

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Software License Information

How do I remove my registration key?

How to deactivate my license on my admin computer?

To deactivate your license you can:

  • Launch the software and browse to  "?", "Registration" menu. Then click Remove.

If you are unable to remove your key (e.g. Computer failure or malfunction, Inoperative Internet connection, ...), please follow this procedure:

  • Depending on your software version, the "License history" button allows you to list computers using the same license key. So you can deactivate your key for a given computer from another computer using the same license.


  • If you no longer have access to the computer on which the license was installed: Login to your "My Account" page on our webiste. Open "Product Key Management" menu, enter your key, then click "See history" button. You can click "Deactivate" to remove your key for a given computer.

Note: If you are unable to remove your key on your computer or have problems during the deactivation phase for one of the following reasons:

- Computer failure or malfunction.

- Hard disk or hardware replacement.

- Inoperative Internet connection.

- Problem related to the software uninstallation.

Please contact our technical support by providing the following information :

- Reason of the problem with the license removal.

- Registration key bound to the computer.

- Name of the company for which the license was granted.

- Description of the computer, filled when activating your license (see at the bottom of the page).

Based on this information, we will manually disable your license.

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