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Some information about distributions

How to archive and organize your distributions?

How to archive and organize your distributions?

IDEAL Dispatch allows you to archive and organize your distributions:

  • Archive your distributions

You can archive a folder or a saved, installed / executed distribution by right clicking on mouse button on the left or the right view, then Archived menu or by drag / drop.
To do this, simply make a click on a distribution or a folder in the left view, keep the mouse button pressed and release over the Archived folder corresponding in the left view.

You must enterr the name of the archived distribution.


When a distribution is located on the archived folder, you can send it back to it's originaled folder using the menu or by drag/drop.


  • Sort a distribution

You can create folders ( ) or sub folders in order to sort your saved, installed /run ou archived distributions.
You only need to right click on one of the folders ( , ,, ) on the left view or in the right list and validate () New folder.

You must enter a valid folder name.

Once the folder created, you can refresh its content, create a sub folderrename it, move it, archive it, delete it, by a right click.


To classify a distribution or a folder, simply make a click on the item to be classified in the left view, maintain the mouse button down and release it over the desired folder in the left view.


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