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FAQ : IDEAL Administration

Administración centralizada de dominios de Windows Active Directory y grupos de trabajo

General information

How does it handle VLANs?

Our network consists of multiple VLANs.

How to access and manage the computers on the different VLANs from your software?

Our software is based on the Microsoft Network Neighborhood to list the computers.

The software can access the same VLAN as your workstation does.
So if your workstation can access two or more VLANs, our software will also achieve it. If your workstation only sees one VLAN , the software will only see one VLAN too.

The NetBIOS name resolution must be perfect. At first, you can check if all the machines in your VLAN and other VLANs are visible with Microsoft tools (network neighborhood, or running the command "net view" from your computer). If this is not the case our software will not be able to list these computers, and you should first fix this.

In order to have a perfect NetBIOS name resolution
when using VLANs, the use of a centralized WINS server may be necessary to resolve the problem. The WINS server is accessible by all your VLANs / servers / workstations.

Finally, if you can ping remote computers, you can also try to configure and add these computers (using their IP addresses) to the "Favorites". Then manage these computers from there.

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