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Windows Exchange Management

What are the administration constraints as far as Exchange 2000 goes?

I've been trying to administer an Exchange 2000 server from an administrator's workstation running on Windows NT4 or Windows XP Pro and I can't get it to work. Why?

If you want to administer a Microsoft Exchange 2000 server remotely, you need to follow Microsoft recommendations, namely,

1- Use a workstation (or server) running Windows 2000 Pro with service pack 2 or later
2- The machine must be on the same Windows 2000 domain as the Exchange server
3- Install Exchange's system management tools from the Windows Exchange 2000 Server CD-ROM

To make this procedure a little simpler, Pointdev offers a slimmed-down runtime that you can download from its web site. See the following item: Can I administer my Exchange 2000 servers from IA version 4.2?

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