Pointdev: 24 Years Providing IT Software

Pointdev is a French company founded in 2000.

We develop and sell, in more than 50 countries, software to administrate and manage Windows networks.

Our software are used daily by thousands of system administrators worldwide.

In the French press, the magazine PC-Expert has written several articles on our software. IDEAL Administration has been awarded Product Of The Year by this magazine.

By placing at the disposal an evaluation version of our software usable during 30 days, we can say to have 100% satisfied customers.

We are proud of all our customers, whether on a national or international scale.

Among them: US Navy, NASA. The Disney company in the United States has also adopted IDEAL Administration.  In France, all the Military Ministeries have been conquered (References).

As our prices are based on the number of IT users, and not the size of the network, our software concern both multinational and small structures with few networked workstations.

What mostly satisfies our customers is the facility of use of our software, the multiplicity of their features, as well as the quality of technical support that we provide in English and French (Testimonials).

The evolution strategy of our company is to integrate new features to our software regularly and provide the best services to our customers.

Espace Reva
2 allée Josime MARTIN

Phone: 33 9 77 63 61 94

VAT number: FR 22431638816

Web: www.pointdev.com/en/contact/
Email: info@pointdev.com

Technical Support
Web: www.pointdev.com/en/support/
Email: support@pointdev.com

Commercial department
Web: www.pointdev.com/en/contact/
Email: sales@pointdev.com

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