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FAQ : IDEAL Remote

Simple, Fast and Secure Remote Control Tool for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Database Management

How to correct the data source selection request (ODBC) when launching the software?

For some reason the software asks me to select an ODBC data source each time the software is launched.

Can you give me the reason and how to correct this problem?

Apparently the MS Access database used by IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote seems corrupted.

The solution to correct this problem is to reset the file used for saving all the data used by our software.

To do this, use the Tools, Options, Database menu and modify the name of the file (IA.MDB by default) by giving it a new name (For example IA-En.MDB).

Relaunch the application.

Also concerns the following software: IDEAL Administration
Last modification: 08/27/2020


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