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What are the different possible actions during deployments?

How to deploy a Windows update on your network?

How to deploy a Windows update on your network?

This action allows the installation of a service pack or a Windows update. Like the script action, the execution can be local or remote.

  • Remote execution:

The remote execution means that the update file is located on another computer on the network and that it must be run remotely using a network path.
For example: \\COMPUTER\MySharedScript\WindowsXP-KB935448-x86-ENU.exe

  • Local execution:

The local execution means that the update file is automatically copied to all servers and workstations involved in the distribution during the installation phase and remove on completion.

By default, the "-q" switch is applied to the command line in oder to guarantee a silent installation.

IMPORTANT : The copied update file is automatically removed at the end of execution.


  • When the  Automatic detection option is checked, the relevant arguments are automatically detected depending on the update file installation engine. The installation engines takes one of these five states:

- "Unidentified": In this case, the installation engine is not defined in the update file properties, detection must be performed by extracting and analyzing it's content.
- "Update" : The installation engine is Update.
- "Hotfix" : The installation engine is Hotfix.
- "IExpress" : The installation engine is IExpress.
- "Inconnu" : In this case, the entered file is not recognized as an update file. You must find by yourself the execution arguments and use the executable action to deploy the update.


  • If the installation engine is detected as "Unidentified", you can proceed to a detection by extracting the update file and analyzing it's content by checking the "Detection by extraction" option..


  • To select by yourself the installation engine, please check the "Manual selection" option.


When the installation engine is defined, you can easily generate your update commande from the wizard.
To do this, simply click on "Parameters".


Examples :

Local installation of Windows XP SP3 update
Remote installation of security update KB923723
Remote installation of security update KB935448

Last modification: 05/27/2013


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