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Remote Software Deployment & Remote Uninstall Software for Windows

What are the different possible actions during deployments?

How to deploy the execution of a VBS script on your network?

How to deploy the execution of a VBS script on your network?

The VBScript () action allows to select a VBScript that should be executed on servers and workstations but also to configure its execution mode. This execution can be remote or local.

By default, the script to execute will be considered as remote.

  • Remote execution:

The remote execution means that the script is located on another computer of the network and that it must be executed with his network path.
For example: \\POINTDEV\MySharedScript\script.vbs

  • Local execution:

The local execution means that the script is automatically copied on all servers and workstations concerned by the distribution during the installation phase and is removed at the end of execution.

You have the choice between two execution engine:

  • cscript : Messages are shown in a console.
  • wscript : Messages are shown in Windows dialog box.


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