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Remote Software Deployment & Remote Uninstall Software for Windows

Some examples of deployments by using IDEAL Dispatch

VBScript Action: Deactivating the Firewall by running a VBScript locally

Example n°8: Deactivating the Firewall by running a VBScript locally

Running locally means that the file to be read or run will be copied automatically to all servers and workstations involved in the distribution.


This VBS script deactivates the firewall in XP SP2.


Set objFirewall = CreateObject("HNetCfg.FwMgr")
Set objPolicy = objFirewall.LocalPolicy.CurrentProfile
objPolicy.FirewallEnabled = FALSE

You must configure the following arguments:

  • Check the Local running checkbox.
  • Indicate the path of the executable file: G:\Desactiv_firewall.VBS
  • Select wscript   as an executable VBScript.
  • Using the VBScript argument manager, select //B   //Nologo for silent running

Last modification: 05/04/2009


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