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How to limit network traffic when deploying a distribution?

How to limit network traffic when deploying a distribution?

To minimize network traffic when deploying a distribution on your network you can work on several parameters.

  • Limitation of installation time and release date:

To efficiently limit the network traffic, you can work on the installation properties of your distribution.
You can, for example, select a date (day and time) "off-peak" for the installation of distribution agents on servers and workstations, to avoid loading your network at large network traffic schedules.

You can also work on the duration and the interval between connection attempts to target computers by the distribution server. This period of attempted connections is intended for the management of non-started computers being restarted or not connected to the network (mobile or other). By default, the distribution server will attempt to contact the target positions every 120 seconds for 120 minutes.

  • Limiting the number of concurrent systems:

This limitation occurs during the installation phase where the distribution server connects to the target computers to copy the necessary files for the actions.

It is mainly useful when copying or running a local large file on a large number of target computers.

In the installation properties, you can change the number of concurrent installations. By default, there will be 30 computers that will be contacted at the same time by the distribution server during deployment.


  • Limiting the number of simultaneous executions:

As for the agent installation, you can set the maximum number agents running simultaneously. With this option you can control the traffic generated on the network by running a script or a software update in order not to create a bottleneck. By default, the number of executions is not limited.


Last modification: 05/15/2013


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