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Some examples of deployments by using IDEAL Dispatch

MSI Action: How to remotely install Office Professional 2003 with MSI?

Example n°10: Remotely installing Office Professional 2003 with a MSI

Remote running means that the program to be installed must be present on another PC in the network. On a file server, for example.


Installation from the cd with product code management.
Share the cd reader on the network.

You must configure the following arguments:

  • Do not check the Local running checkbox.
  • Indicate the path of the executable file: \\py\H$\FRENCH\OFFICE_SYSTEM\OFFICE2003\PROFESSIONAL\PRO11N.MSI
  • Indicate the type of action: Install
  • Arguments (Settings button):
    • /QN for silent installation
    • ALLUSERS=1 to manage all profiles
    • PIDKEY=************************* : your product key

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