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Network errors usually encountered in our software

Why I have no installation report?

Why I have no installation report?

Why I have no report?

Why are my distributions staying in the "Scheduled" tab?

When you schedule a distribution, it is sent to the folder
\\Name of the distribution server\Admin$\IDispatchSrv as an .idd extension file and is displayed in the console in the Scheduled branch file.
When the installation date is reached, the server handles the distribution and generate installation reports for each computer, visible from the Installed / Completed installation tab, and a specific activity report to the distribution server distribution.
This report is visible in the Distribution server log tab available in the lower part of the right view.

If no installation report or distribution server log is visible and the distribution stays in Scheduled, the problem comes from the distribution server.
The most common problem is about the rights of the startup account of the distribution server.

Please check that:

  • The IDEAL Dispatch console startup account has administrative rights on the distribution server. Check that you have access to \\Name of the distribution server\admin$.
  • The distribution server startup account is administrator of the domain. Do a test by entering the startup account as .\Administrator.
  • Check the IDispatchSrv service state. It must be started. Check that it is not "blocked" by an anti-virus or a GPO. If needed, restart-it !
  • Check that any old erroneous distribution is at the origin of the problem. If needded, delete the distribution .idd files located in the folder \\Name of the distribution server\Admin$\IDispatchSrv
  • Check that no distribution is already running on the target computer. Indeed, if the distribution server detects that an action is running on the target computer, it will wait until the end of execution before dealing with the new distribution ont this computer. By default, it waits 120 minutes.


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