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How does IDEAL Dispatch work ?

Can I get informations on the functioning of IDEAL Dispatch ?

IDEAL Dispatch manages the installation, uninstallation and execution of softwares and scripts on your network servers and workstations.
You can, using IDEAL Dispatch, remotely install Windows patches, run scripts, msi files or even update softwares on all servers and client workstations on your network.
IDEAL Dispatch runs on a domain, or a workgroup as well.

IDEAL Dispatch consists of these elements :

  • IDEAL Dispatch Console

IDEAL Dispatch Console (IDispatch.exe) manages all distribution servers, allows to create distributions and displays progress and installation reports. IDEAL Dispatch Console can manage an unlimited number of distribution servers.

Installations are automated, remotely, without any human intervention, and on any kind of server or workstation Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista.

You do not need to manually install client or server services on your network computers: Everything is done automatically, remotely from the console.

Directories created following the IDEAL Dispatch installation:

- Default software installation directory :
C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Dispatch

- Directory configuration related to user IDEAL Dispatch:
C:\Documents and Settings\Current-User-Account\Application Data\Pointdev\IDEAL Dispatch



  • IDEAL Dispatch Server

IDEAL Dispatch Server (IDispatchSrv.exe) also called distribution server, installs the distribution agents as well as software or scripts on the selected computers for a distribution during a deployment. It generates installation reports for each selected computer in the distribution.

IDispatchSrv is a Windows service that starts automatically when you start Windows by using an administrator account.

For the installation goes without any problem:


  1. You must have administrative rights on the distribution server
  2. You must enter a user account that is administrator on the distribution server to install the Windows service IDispatchSrv
  3. The administrative directory ADMIN$ must be present on the distribution server
  4. The Windows Remote Registry Access (RemoteRegistry) service must be started on the distribution server.
  5. Microsoft simplified sharing (Windows XP PRO) must be disabled.


Directories and services created after adding a distribution server:

- Directory containing all executables, distribution files and reports:

- Service created:


  • IDEAL Dispatch Agents

IDEAL Dispatch Agents (IDispatchAgent.exe and IDispatchAgentINT.exe) also known as distribution agents, manage the execution of programs and defined scripts and generate an execution report for each action on a given computer.

They are installed on the target computers and only run during the processing time of a distribution.

The startup account of IDispatchAgent service must have "Domain Admins" privileges on all servers and workstations to be able to run the executables that are on a remote station and return to the distribution server the execution reports.
When you start a computer, and if the IDispatchAgent service is present, a dialog between the distribution server and the agent is established to determine whether a distribution is waiting for this computer. If this is the case, the distribution server programs again the distribution.

IDispatchAgent is a Windows service that starts automatically when you start Windows by using an administrator account. It has two functions, the first one is to check after the distribution server if there are any pending distributions, the second is to start the IDispatchAgentINT service.

IDispatchAgentINT is a Windows service that is started by IDispatchAgent and that uses a System account. It is him that is in charge of the execution of actions.

Directories and services created after deployment:

- Directory containing the necessary enforcement action files:

- Created services:


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