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How to take remote control of a client workstation from a smartphone or tablet?

Computer Remote Control using a smartphone or tablet

I want to take control of my workstations and servers using a Smartphone or Tablet.

Is this possible using IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote?

IDEAL Administration and IDEAL Remote allow you to take control of computers on your network using a Smartphone or Tablet.

For this, you need to have a WIFI network within your organization.

This feature is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

How does it work ?

  • In IDEAL Administration or IDEAL Remote

You must modify the TightVNC configuration so as not to stop the TightVNC service at the end of the takeover. By default, our software stop this service when the takeover ends.

You can change this setting via the "Control \ TightVNC Configurator" menu, select the configuration or add one if no configuration is listed ("Add \ TightVNC 2.X"), then in the "Advanced" tab, select "Do nothing" for the "TightVNC Service" ("Action to be taken when disconnecting the last client").

If the Remote Contron Agent is already installed on the remote computers and servers, it is necessary to reload the TightVNC configuration on them for this change to take effect.

To reload the TightVNC configuration, proceed as follows: "Control \ TightVNC Configurator \ Reload configuration" menu. Select computers, then "Reload".

  • On your smartphone or tablet

Install the Remote Ripple app from the store of your smartphone or tablet and add a computer by its IP address or network ID.

The takeover is done simply by selecting the computer in the list proposed in the application Remote Ripple and after filling in the password that you have configured for the takeover.

We recommend setting up a complex password of at least 6 characters.

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