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FAQ : IDEAL Dispatch

Удаленное развертывание программ и выполнение сценариев

General information

Do you have a Windows software deployment tool in your tool range?

I am looking for a software to deploy software in my Windows environment, do you have this kind of tool?

You can use for this one of our tool called IDEAL Dispatch.

IDEAL Dispatch provides remote installing and uninstalling of software, remote running of scripts and programs, and remote actions (Files, UAC, Wake On Lan, etc.).

With the help of IDEAL Dispatch, you can remotely install Windows patches, run scripts and msi files, uninstall programs, or update software on all the servers and client workstations on your network, in Workgroup or Active Directory environment.

You can download the free 30-day version here:

Last modification: 30/03/2017


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