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Удаленное развертывание программ и выполнение сценариев


What information do I need to send to the technical support in case of error during deployment?

What informations do I need to send to the technical support in case of error during deployment?

In case you find an error during deployment, here are the steps to follow when you contact us:

  • See the FAQ section about error management

  • Provide us with information about the version of IDEAL Dispatch used

- Tell us your registration key.
- The version number of the software.

  • Provide us with as much information as possible to help us understand and reproduce the problem:

- Tell us your console, distribution server and target computer's OS.
- Tell us if you have a firewall or anti-virus enabled (on the console computer, distribution server and target computers)
- Let us know if the error occurs on the console, during the installation phase or during runtime.
- Give us some informations about the actions to deploy (software install, uninstall, copy ...)
- Tell us if the problem occurs in a specific case (a specific computer or a particular OS).

  • Send us your distribution file "Name_of_the_distribution.idd"

    You will find it in the folder: \\Distribution_Server_Name\Admin$\IDispatchSrv\Dispatch\Managed

  • Send us the setup and execution reports

You can find the installation reports in the folder: \\Distrib_Server_Name\Admin$\DispatchSrv\Dispatch\Installed\Distribution_Name
You can find the execution reports in the folder: \\Distrib_Server_Name\Admin$\DispatchSrv\Dispatch\Executed\Distribution_Name

  • If necessary, send us the printed screen.

How and when can one reach your technical support team?

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