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FAQ : IDEAL Dispatch

Удаленное развертывание программ и выполнение сценариев

Software License Information

How long are the licenses valid?

I'm using IDEAL Dispatch version 8.0 at the moment. How can I update it to the latest version?

First take a look at the date of your license registration (? menu then Register software).
If this was more than a year ago, you must first renew your Pointdev update and support maintenance.

If the registration date was less than a year ago, or if you have recently received a new key by e-mail, you can then download the update from our FTP site: http://download.pointdev.com/Zip/ID_En.zip .

Once the download is stored on your workstation, you can extract the contents of the zip file. After extraction, run the ID_Setup_En.exe program then select the Modify option. Once the update process has ended, you'll be left with the new version. If your workstation then needs rebooting, the installation program will tell you so.

Last modification: 26/03/2017


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