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FAQ : IDEAL Dispatch

Удаленное развертывание программ и выполнение сценариев

Information on the distribution server

How to change the startup account of a distribution server?

How to change the startup account of a distribution server?

How to update a distribution server?

You can update a distribution server using the Server menu, Update, or by using the  icon on the toolbar.

This function has the effect of stopping the distribution server if it is started, copy the file IDispatchSrv.exe from IDEAL IDispatch Console, and then reinstall the IDispatchSrv Windows service.

IDEAL Dispatch Console prompts you to re-enter the name of the user account used to start the IDispatchSrv Windows service.

This function allows the update of the distribution server with the version provided in IDEAL Dispatch Console or the modification of the user and/or password of the startup account of IDispatchSrv service.

Cette fonction permet la mise à jour du serveur de distribution avec la version fournie dans IDEAL Dispatch Console ou encore la modification du compte utilisateur et/ou mot de passe de démarrage du service IDispatchSrv.



: All distributions already saved are not deleted during the update of the distribution server.


Last modification: 06/05/2013


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