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Удаленное развертывание программ и выполнение сценариев

Information on the distribution server

How do I delete a distribution server?

How do I delete a distribution server?

You can delete a distribution server managed by IDEAL Dispatch Console using the Server menu, delete or by clicking on the  icon in the toolbar.

In this case, IDEAL Dispatch Console removes all files and directories needed to run the distribution server, ie the Admin$\IDispatchSrv folder and IDispatchSrv windows service.

So, it will remain no trace of the use of this computer asdistribution server.

WARNING: All distributions created on the server will be deleted and can not be recovered. However, if you want to keep all files and distributions, for example to transfer them to another distribution server, please do a backup / copy of the ADMIN$\IDispatchSrv directory before.


Last modification: 06/05/2013


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