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 Название и содержание

How to copy user account passwords between Windows servers or stations?

Migrating user passwords from and to Windows 2008, Vista and 7

I need to transfer user accounts with their password between two servers Windows 2008 R2.

What do I need to control before accomplishing this task?

Migrating user passwords from or to Windows 2008, Vista or 7 needs to disable the DEP function on these systems.

With these Operating Systems, you can not edit or modify the boot.ini file. This is not authorized.

To modify the Windows starting options, you can use the command line tool: BCDEdit.

Open the command prompt and type the commands below:

BCDEdit /enum >winstart.txt
BCDEdit /set nx AlwaysOff

The first command records the starting configuration into the winstart.txt file and the second disables the DEP function.

If you don't disable the DEP, your system will reboot during the migration process (LSASS.EXE Error).

IMPORTANT: You must restart the server for this modification to take effect.

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