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Централизованное администрирование доменов и рабочих групп Windows

Windows Active Directory Domain Management

How to clean my Active Directory domain by using "Reports" function?

How to remove obsolete objects from Active Directory with IDEAL Administration?

The "Reporting" tab allows through the creation of cleaning reports to delete obsolete objects from the Active Directory.

The reports are generated in HTML and CSV to be printed and shared by IT administrators.

The reports can be stored in the history to reopen at anytime a previous state of your Active Directory.

List of cleaning reports:

  • Computers
    • Clean disabled computer accounts
    • Clean expired computer accounts
    • Clean inactive computer accounts
  • Groups
    • Clean empty groups
    • Resetting the SID History
  • Organizational units
    • Clean empty organizational units
  • Users
    • Clean disabled users
    • Clean inactive users
    • Resetting the SID History

Example: To delete inactive computer accounts

  1. Click on the "Create a report" button from the "Reporting" tab..
  2. Select the category "Cleaning", then the type of report "Clean inactive computer accounts" and click "Next".
  3. Then select the number of days of inactivity.
  4. Enter the title, the description and the destination folder of the report. You can choose to keep this report in the history to access it later. You can also choose to open the report generated at the end of the processing.
  5. Click "Generate" to query Active Directory.
  6. Check in the list the "Remove" box for all objects you want to remove from the Active Directory and click Remove button to delete these objects and create the report.

Once the report is opened, you can print it by clicking the button provided for that purpose. You can also deploy categories to see the detail and the computer list or click the "Display all" to deploy all the categories.

Watch Demonstration Video on YouTube (2:18)

Last modification: 29/01/2019
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