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How to configure the TightVNC remote control tool (screen sharing)?

How to troubleshoot "The WinVNC service couldn't be correctly installed on XXX" message ?

When i try to launch the remote control with TightVNC, I get "The WinVNC service couldn't be correctly installed on " message, and I can't take the control of the remote host.

What can i do ?

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Simplify your VNC Installation and Remote Control with IDEAL Administration

Please check the following steps on the remote host before launching the remote connection :

  • Make sure the "Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)" service is up and running.
  • Make sure the "Remote Registry" service is up and running.

The states of these services can be directly checked from our software, or by executing 'services.msc' in command line on the remote host.

  • Make sure there is not any firewall which is blocking the TightVNC communication.

Read more : Windows XP firewall - Windows Vista firewall - Windows 7 firewall

Finally, verify on the remote host in "Windows\Pointdev\VNC" that the following files are present:

If you use version 1.X of the remote control tool:

  • Winvnc.exe
  • VNCHooks.dll

If you use version 2.X of the remote control tool:

  • tvnserver.exe
  • screenhooks.dll

Same verification on the administration computer, in:

  • "\Program Files\IDEAL Administration (or IDEAL Remote)\VNC\VNC_Server\" (version 1.X)
  • "\Program Files\IDEAL Administration (ou IDEAL Remote)\VNC\VNC_Server_2X\" (version 2.X)

If it is not the case, an antivirus may have wrongly deleted these files ("false positive").

Authorize these files in your AV, and exclude them from the scheduled scan, then reinstall the application.

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