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Software License Information

How long are the licenses valid?

I bought some licenses last year (06/10/2018).

Today (06/19/2019), I downloaded and installed successfully the last product version over my previous installation.

Each time I launch it, I've got a message telling me that this trial version will expire on 06/07/2019.

What's the matter? What can I do in order to prevent this?

When you buy licenses, they are lifetime valid for the version level you bought.
In other words, if you buy today the licenses, they still be valid in 5 years if you always use the same version on your workstations.

Also, the initial purchase come with one year of technical support and software upgrades.

Once the first year is done, if you want to upgrade your current version to the latest one in oder to use the new features, you first have to renew your support maintenance with Pointdev.

The annual cost of this renewal is 30% of the full product price. You can renew this online :


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