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What are the errors generally encountered by our software?

How do I correct the error "Check that the 64 bit MS Access drivers are installed"?

When I run your IDEAL Administration (or IDEAL Remote) application in 64-bit version, I get the following error "Check that the 64-bit MS Access drivers are properly installed on your administration station. See our faq for more information. "

How to fix this problem?

Our application uses 64-bit Microsoft Access drivers for the management of its database. These 64-bit drivers may not be correctly installed on your administration station during the installing of our software.

In this case, stop our software and execute manually in this folder:

 C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration (for IDEAL Administration)


 C:\Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Remote (for IDEAL Remote)

this file:


If you have an error, please consult this faq:


Else, relaunch our software.

Riguarda anche il seguente software: IDEAL Administration
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