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Windows Security Center Management

How to remotely configure User Account Control (UAC)?

I would like to disable UAC on several computers of our domain, running Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How can I do?

Try IDEAL Administration during 30 days on your network for free!

Manage Computer UAC Remotely with IDEAL Administration

First, download the free 30 day version of our software if you have not installed it yet: Download IDEAL Administration.

Once installed, just execute it under a domain admin account.

Use the right click on the remote computer and select Security Center.

You may use the "UAC" tool from the Security Center to remotely configure User Account Control on your computers (Windows Vista or greater OS). "RemoteRegistry" service must be up and running on these computers.

For doing so, open the "Computers" menu, then "Security Center". You can also make a multi-selection from the right view on the desired computers, then right click "Security Center". Computer selection can also be modified by clicking on the button.

  • UAC

In this tab, you can access User Account Control (UAC) parameters for the selected computers.

You can select one ore more computers, then apply the desired action by clicking on the button, or by right-clicking. Example: "UAC status", "Disable".

For computers running Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008,  UAC can be enabled or disabled. Since Windows 7, it is possible to define a level of setting :

- 4 : Always notify [enabled]

- 3 : Notify only when programs try to make changes to the computer (default) [enabled]

- 2 : Notify only when programs try to make changes to the computer (do not dim desktop) [enabled]

- 1 : Never notify [disabled]

Multi-selection : if a Windows Vista computer and a Windows 7 computer are selected, enabling UAC will have for effect to set UAC to level 3 (default) on the Windows 7 computer.

To be taken into account, a change may required restarting the remote computer.

Finally, it is also possible to access User Account Control (UAC) properties  of a computer, by double-clicking on the right line.

Riguarda anche il seguente software: IDEAL Administration
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