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Strumento di migrazione di Windows Active Directory per la migrazione di domini Windows

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Software License Information

How do I find out what license I need?

Your site says licenses are based on the maximum number of user accounts to be migrated.

I'm trying to consolidate three domains into a single fourth domain.

What sized license do I therefore need?

IDEAL Migration prices depend on the number of users to be migrated at once. The actual number of migration operations a company can carry out is unlimited.

To find out what license you need, nothing could be easier: determine how many users need to be migrated on the server that has the most, then look up the relevant price band using our price list at http://www.pointdev.com/en/ideal-migration/price.php


Three Windows NT domains to be consolidated onto a new domain (NT, 2000, or 2003):

Domain No.1: 150 users
Domain No.2: 350 users
Domain No.3: 450 users

The maximum number of users to be migrated in one operation is 450 (domain No.3), so you require our license No.2 which covers 1 to 500 users.

Ultima modifica: 04/05/2009


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