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Amministrazione centralizzata per domini di Windows Active Directory e gruppi di lavoro

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How to manage database inventories of Windows Active Directory Domain?

How to share the same database?

We are several administrators to use your software in the company.

We manage databases to do some inventories and schedule administrative tasks.
However, your tool records the MS Access file (.MDB) locally, on each station...

Can we share the same database?

By default, all tables concerning tasks are created in a mdb database (MS Access).

This file is on the workstation running the software.

This means all tasks are, by default, created on the PC.

If you have several software licenses, you may wish to use the same database on all the PCs in order to share the logs and tasks done or to do.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a shared directory, for example Pointdev$, on one of your file servers, for example the Pointdev server.

  2. Open the Database dialog box, using the menu File, Configuration

  3. Select a new file for MDB file to be used as follows: \\Pointdev\Pointdev$\Share_Database.mdb

  4. When asked The file already exists. Do you want to reset it? select NO

  5. Follow steps 2 to 4 on all the PCs running our tool

IMPORTANT: If you want to use a particular MDB file, a file or tasks that have already been created, copy it into the shared directory at the end of step 1. The other steps remain unchanged.

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