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Gestione semplificata per domini di Windows Active Directory e gruppi di lavoro da un'unica console

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How to manage database inventories of Windows Active Directory Domain?

Database format not recognized?

I've been trying to open the database that IDEAL Administration uses and Microsoft Access keeps sending me the above message.

What can I do to correct this?

Microsoft Access 97 can return this error when you try to open the IDEAL Administration mdb file : IA.mdb.This error occurs when your administrative station contains MS Access Drivers which are more recents that the drivers used by MS Access 97 and by consequence not recognized by this.

To resolve this problem we provide a mdb file IA.mdb created by an old version of the MS Drivers. You can find this file into the directory "Program Files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration" (default directory).

How to resolve this problem?

1 - Stop IDEAL Administration
2 - Copy the file Program files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration\IA.mdb instead of the IA.mdb file  used by IDEAL Administration, configured in Databases/Configure/MDB file to use, by default : Program files\Pointdev\IDEAL Administration\Databases\IA.mdb.
3 - Start IDEAL Administration and use its database functions. If you have some problems with this option, contact our technical support at mailto:support@pointdev.com.

Ultima modifica: 04/05/2009


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