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TEK Systems

All in all I really like IDEAL Administration. It's interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Henry Hudson

Thank you for the excellent program and assistance. Ilya V. Nastenko

I use IDEAL Admin, it is great software. Krzysztof GRZADZIELA
k-12 School District

I use Ideal Admin in a k-12 school district having over 2000 computers and 5000+ users. This program has made my job so much easier. I know there are free products to be found to access clients remotely, but none offer the security and functionality found in Ideal Admin.It is well worth the money. Good job! L. Healan
East Newton R-6 School District

We are very pleased with your IDEAL Administration product and it has been very useful for our tech staff for managing our network. James Campbell
VIJ Technologies

IDEAL Administration is a great software and time consuming. Mavlik Parmar
East West Technologies

IDEAL Adminstration is a fantastic product. Administration will become an easy job with IDEAL. Anas P K

Thank you for new features in IA version 15.2. Mike Manilov.

I have been using your product IDEAL Administration for a few years now and love it. It is a wonderful product and I recommend it to everybody I can. Jeffrey Doran

Ideal Admin is a super software! Smirnov DE
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