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Where can I get a detailed explanation of the error codes?

Looking through the log files generated by IDEAL Migration, I've noticed I'm getting a lot of "Error 5" and "Error 53" messages. How do I find out what these codes mean?

IDEAL Migration saves all of the migration reports in daily log files. These log files are in CSV format.
You can find them in Ideal_Migration_installation_directory\Log\Lmmddyyyy.csv (mm = month, dd = day, yyyy = year).

You can view these files by selecting the Log File button that appears at the end of the migration operation or by right clicking with the mouse on IDEAL Migration on the local computer then selecting "Open a CSV file".

It might happen that certain errors are indicated only by an error number, for example, Specific Error [2245]. In this case, open an MS-DOS command line and type in

NET HELPMSG error_number

In the example above, the command would be "NET HELPMSG 2245"
This would display the result: "This password does not meet our password strategy criteria. Check the password is long and complex enough to comply with the minimum length; also check the historic record of password criteria."

Important: You might also get hexadecimal error numbers, such as 800708bc. In such cases, just remove the 8007 string and convert the remaining digits (08bc) to decimal (2236). You can then use this number in the NET HELPMSG command.

Last modification: 05/04/2009


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