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Network errors usually encountered in our software

Why I have no execution report?

The installation phase is successful, the installation report indicates success but no execution report is displayed on the console.

Why execution reports are not present in the console?

Execution reports are generated by each computer and for each action by distribution agents. They allow to know the exact dates of the beginning and end of action's treatment, their return code and message.

So you will know precisely what actions have failed and on which computers.

If no execution report is displayed on the console, while the installation process is a success:

  • Make sure the action is not running and waiting for a response from the current user.

It is possible that the executed program is waiting for an entry or closing a window to stop.

  • Check if a process corresponding to your action seems crashed.

In this case, the problem may be the program to run, or arguments applied, or a software or hardware incompatibility between the computer and the program to run.

  • Check the status of services and processes IDispatchAgent and IDispatchAgentInt on this computer

If IDispatchAgent and IDispatchAgentInt services are stopped or not present, look in the directory \\Name_of_the_target_comp\Admin$\IDispatchAgent\Log if an execution report is present.

The execution may have been completed successfully but an account permissions problem, a NETBIOS resolution problem, or an incorrect IP address on the distribution server could have prevented the return of the report to the distribution server. In this case you will find like "Can not copy the file [c:\WINDOWS\IDISPATCHAGENT\Log\Comp_DistribName_NoAction_IdAction.txt] to [\\DistribServerName\Admin$\DispatchSrv\Dispatch\Executed\DistribName\Comp_Date.txt] " showing that the report could not be repatriated to the distribution server.

From the target computer, run the following commands:

Ping DistribServerName to check if the distribution server is reachable from the target computer.

Net View \\DistribServerName to check correct NetBIOS resolution

\\DistribServerName\Admin$ using the administrator account used for the execution of the distribution, to check the account administrative rights on the distribution server.

This is the same principle, if you use an IP address instead of the NetBIOS name.

In the case where the target computers and the distribution server are located on remote areas, you will find information on the topic How to set a distribution on computers in a remote area?

If an agent seems crashed, kill its process and see in the directory \\TargetComputerName\Admin$\IDispatchAgent\Log if an execution report is present. He might be able to tell us about the origin of the crash.

In case of a crash of a distribution agent, it is recommended to kill the process and remove the \\TargetComputerName\Admin$\IDispatchAgent directory.

In this case, please contact us by sending us the execution report and the distribution file in the \\DistributionServerName\Admin$\IDispatchSrv\Dispatch\Managed folder and giving as much details as possible to enable us to quickly resolve your problem.

How and when can I contact technical support?

Last modification: 04/24/2013


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