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Software License Information

How many licenses do I need?

We have two administrators managing a Windows 2022 domain, with five servers and roughly 250 workstations.

Most of them are running Windows 2019 servers, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

How many licenses do we need to buy ?

The product license system is based on the number of administration stations where our software is installed and registered with a valid product key.

You have 2 (two) administrators, so the number of licenses you require is 2 (two).

This gives you the right to install our software on 2 (two) machines (workstations or servers - as you like) from which you can manage an unlimited number of servers and workstations.

Each new license is perpetual and includes one year software maintenance and technical support.

Also concerns the following software: IDEAL Administration | IDEAL Remote
Last modification: 01/13/2023


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